Empowering the vulnerable

Y Gro lives and works alongside the community to establish practical models, educating and empowering the less fortunate.

Who We Are

Y Gro (Pvt) Limited was incorporated on June 10, 1975, and is registered with the Ministry of Social Services. Its main objective is to carry out Relief Rehabilitation, Development, and Holistic empowerment of the poor. Since its inception, Y Gro has been dedicated to uplifting the less fortunate and improving their quality of life. Through various initiatives and programs, Y Gro has been successful in achieving its mission of providing relief, rehabilitation, and development services to those in need.

Job Booster

Providing career services, training, and employment for youth.

Fisheries Program

Empowering fishing communities for sustainable livelihoods and marine conservation efforts.

Dairy Development

Improving milk production and livelihoods through sustainable practices and innovation.


Jeyanthiran – Dairy Program, Batticaloa

My name is Vinasithamby Jeyanthiran and I live in Kurumanveli, Batticaloa. I have been involved in dairy business for the past 6 years. However, I was not able to earn sufficient income due to lack of knowledge. Ygro included me in their program and provided trainings on how to care for a crossbreed cow. They also supported me in procuring a crossbreed cow. Now I am able to get between 10-12 liters of milk per day and earn a decent income. I am thankful to Ygro for helping me.

Edmond – HEED, Mannar

My name is Edmon and I’m 35 years old. I live in Thevanpitty, Mannar and have been fishing from a very young age. After I returned from being displaced due to the war Ygro provided me a loan to obtain the needed equipment. This helped me to increase my income. I was also able to extend the house that was granted by the government.

Mahadevan – HEED, Batticaloa

I, Rasiah Mahadevan live in live in Eruvil, Batticaloa and have a bicycle repair shop. Due to lack of capital and not being able to obtain a loan I was struggling to continue with the shop. It is during this time in 2019 that Ygro assessing my business selected me too as a client on the micro loan program. I purchased the needed tools for the repair of bicycles and now I am able to get around Rs 2600 per day from repairing bicycles. Thank you Ygro!

Kaniston - Job Booster

YGRO Guide, Motivated & Support me. I participated in the three months training at the SLITHM School in Kalkudah with eleven others. I was selected in the field exam and followed the residential training as a decorator and in addition a training as a cool restaurant Chef. I successfully passed the NVQ Level 3 examination as well. I received a sum of Rs. 16000/- as My first wage and was successfully employed at a Four Star Hotel (Hotel Sunrise – Jetwing) in Kalkudah in 2019. Now my wage is 45000.00 plus Service Charge. My ideal dream is to help My Sisters’ educational activities & to construct a permanent house and settle my family there. I am Thankful for this Opportunity.


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