Jobs & Business Services


In view of the high demand to find employment for the very many unemployed youth Ygro in partnership with WUSC commenced a Career Services and Employment Center in 1999 in Mannar. This then was started in Vavuniya. The functions include registering job seekers and matching them with the employers. The program also channels the youth for necessary training which leads to gainful employment. More than 2,000 youth have gained from these services.


We have expanded this service to set is as a gateway for all economic developmental trainings (which includes Dairy Development, Agro Development, Business Development etc.). To take these services from our Town based centers to villages where we serve, we have established OTBED centers (Overall Training Based Economic Development) currently such centers are operating in Batticaloa and Mannar.

Current Status

Currently our Career Services are rephrased as “Jobs and Business Services” (JBS) which hold the whole arena of all related direct trainings, life skill trainings, OJT and job placements, RPL registrations / follow up, Employers forums, Alumni forums etc.

Future Plans

We aim at developing our OTBED for its effective JBS services that will build healthy partnerships with private sector and enhance the development of youth in acquiring skills in areas of technical (TVET), dairy (DVET), agricultural (AVET) and Business Sectors. We plan to offer business services to the self-employed so as to promote the establishment of small to medium scale industries. Currently W&D are providing us with the support needed to develop in this direction. Currently Ygro uses WD’s online tracking system for following up each student until they are employed or self-employed. Ygro is focusing on improving its quality on all its services