Micro Enterprise Development (HEED)

People in poverty lack the basic sustainable income for Livelihood. They also do not have the resources to engage in enterprise and generate a regular permanent livelihood. Due to their vulnerable situation they are exploited by the wealthy and are also subjected to oppression by Politicians and the rich. Therefore the odds are stacked up against their ability to break out of the poverty cycle.

Our Involvement

Our HEED program provides the poor who have an entrepreneurial slant, capital in the form of revolving loans to engage in enterprises that are viable and through that earn a sustainable income for Livelihoods. In order that they succeed they are also provided with trainings, marketing opportunities to enhance their skills and enterprises. This is carried out in the medium and long terms.

In order to ensure that the poor do not consider the provision of resources as a hand out, an affordable service fee is levied and the loan repayments are put into a revolving fund which is used to provide further loans to others like them who are in poverty.

We work along with the communities, local authorities and other leaders to identify the deserving poor until they are able to manage their businesses without any financial lending from us or due to the present capacity are able to afford and even negotiate banks and other lending institutions. The medium to long term involvement of our staff with those engaging in enterprise development leads to holistic empowerment of such individuals.

Roadmap of HEED

HEED started in 2001 in Mannar with assisting just 18 families and is now operating in Mannar, Kurunegala, Jaffna, Batticaloa, Ampara & Vavuniya having served over 6,000 families. HEED has served various sectors including poultry, dairy, small enterprises, fishing, agriculture and construction. Over 70% of those who benefited from our program our women.



HEED is looking in to possibilities of expanding in to new geographical areas such as the hill country and Moneragala, two areas that are known to be poverty stricken.


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