Preschool Program

Y Gro was given the responsibility by the Government of developing the Pre School of Vitchukalai located in Batticaloa, Eastern Province which was destroyed by the 2004 Asian Tsunami.

Since the Tsunami destroyed the pre-school Ygro together with the community enabled the school to start again at a home of a teacher and then gradually built up the school to a modern conducive structure with all the facilities and amenities for pre-school children. The number of children grew from 40 to over 100 today.

The children mostly come from very poor backgrounds. Low attendance of children was a recurring trend which only showed how much value these families had placed in educating their children. However through our different interventions and through the care and concern of our dedicated teachers and staff, this trend has declined. Today we have 100 children on roll which is the maximum possible with a 96% average attendance.

Apart from their learning in classrooms we have also taught through our different initiatives and helped them in their overall development. Annual Sports meet, arts and crafts exhibition, Children’s Market, Cultural Programs are some of the events the children look forward to.

We have 5 class teachers who are trained and equipped to conduct the Pre School activities. Today the Pre School has been recognized as a model Pre School by the Government and we continue to work towards giving the best possible preschool education for the children in this area.