Resettlement Program

It has been our experience that after a sustained period of war resettling people have had acute difficulties in getting back their homes, having clean water and beginning a livelihood.

Due to the lack of support these families get, their situation only gets worse and not better. Over the years in working with the resettling communities in the North (Jaffna,Vavuniya, Mannar) we have focused on providing them their basics to commence life.

Water was a resource that was seen as essential not only for drinking and sanitation but also for their livelihoods. Therefore we took on the challenge of rebuilding and restoring their dilapidated wells, refurbishing their community wells and building new toilets.

We also developed a model Dairy Program for 30 widows to empower them and help them rebuild their lives through livelihood generation.

Here are some of the projects we have carried out in the past in the Jaffna Peninsula:

  • 4 common wells in Tellipallai
  • 30 wells in Vasanthapuram
  • 2 community wells in Vasavilan
  • 18 wells in Uduvil
  • 1 Well for resettled school in Chullipuram
  • Livelihood Support Program for 30 single women headed families
  • 154 wells in Uduvil and Sandilipay

Ongoing Programs

  • 30 toilets being constructed for widow families
  • Ongoing Dairy Program for 30 widow families

Our work has merely begun. There is much to be done for these families who lost everything and are simply struggling to stay afloat.