Technical and Vocational Education and Training


Ygro has been involved in TVET since 1999, Initially it operated in Keeri, a village in outskirts of Mannar, yet have secured TVEC recognition for Welding, Carpentry, Motorcycle repairs, Masonry, Leather Products manufacture and Electrical Household equipment repairs. Over time the TVET moved to Mannar town where now we own a center. Ygro during its initial phases carried out vocational training in welding, masonry, carpentry in Dummalasuriya at our Ygro Center in the Kurunegala district.


We have been an active partner with World University Services of Canada (WUSC) and together with their support we have carried out various Vocational Training (VT) courses, in our Mannar VT center as well as in the mobile centers in Mannar & Vavuniya.

The courses conducted in addition to those that were mentioned above include Computer Graphics Design, Beautician, A/C and Refrigeration, Motor winding, etc., We have served over 200 students who were unemployed or underemployed.

Current Status

Due to the development that took place currently we are registered as B status TVET institute and have obtained accreditation for the AC & Refrigeration course at the Mannar Center. Ygro now has VT carried out in Mannar, Vavuniya and Batticaloa. We partner with Woord en Daad as well as ZOA to carry out effective VTs in mobile centers.

Future Plans

Ygro has, by involvement, realized the importance of mobile centers for VT (to take VT to student than expecting them to attend VT institutes) AND the necessity to partner with VT providers to effectively serve the deserving youth. We advocate for TVEC’s recognition of these Mobile courses also, that reach a larger segment of vulnerable youths and enable them to get into a career for their livelihood and enhanced living standards. We are currently engaging with the private sector in order to cater the training to suit the employment of unemployed and under employed youth.